Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doctor, Doctor! Oracle Skin Care: Daejeon Dermatologist

Being an expatriate you find yourself and others like you asking a lot of the same questions: Where to find the best hamburgers, Mexican food, cheese and of course English speaking medical assistance. A few months back Mrs. Harrington found herself asking such a question: Where can an expat receive some dermatological care in this city with an English speaking doctor? Fortunately, in the 5th largest city of the land of Kimchi, it's not too tall of an order.

Using Time World Galleria in Dunsan-dong as her starting point, Melissa made her way down the same side of the street as NH bank toward Outback. Prior to crossing the street for an expensive steak, she headed up to the 6th floor of the Oracle building to the skincare clinic of the same name situated across from Bennigan's.

Once in Oracle, an expat simply needs to fill out some English paper work and present their ARC. Staff will promptly connect the big-eyed foreigner to the best English speaking dermatologist and all is a go. For a simple, quick consultation, expect to pay between 2,000 and 5,000 won ($2-5) Perscriptions run 10,000-15,000 ($10-15). Other procedures (such as one that is similar to micro-derm abrasion) run about 50,000 ($50) per session, or so we've heard while sitting in and conversing with friends. Basics however are quite a bit cheaper.

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Tobi Fistcher said...

I envy her. I've been longing to inquire about skin care treatment in Asia. I've heard that the practitioners are very good and professional over there. And aside from that, I also want to see new places, meet new people, and try new dishes!


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