Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Harringtons in Korea: Christmas Eve Arrivals and Celebrations

On December 24th, Mike and Melissa Made their way to Incheon International Airport to welcome in the Harrington clan.  After boarding the Airport bound bus from Dunsan bus terminal in Daejeon the couple made their way to Incheon Airport Guesthouse to add a touch of Christmas joy to their large, bunk-filled room.  This however did not occur until after sitting down at a Thai restaurant for a quick dish of Pad Thai down the street from the Guesthouse (and E-Mart subsequently).  With the room ready for Christmas Eve arrival and shenanigans the couple made their way to the airport to greet the Mom, Dad and Sisters X2.

Arriving at the airport Mike was rejected from exiting the back doors of the free shuttle bus and was seconds away from being hauled off. Fortunately, a little shuffling of Koreans later and Mike and Melissa were entering the airport to wait, at Gate B, for the Harrington's arrival.  Unfortunately Gate B failed the Harrington's. See for yourself.

Finally, with the whole family united and in the same space, the Harringtons in their full force headed back to Incheon Airport Guesthouse via the free airport shuttle. Once everyone settled into the room it was time for the Christmas Eve gift and rest before the big day of a Kristmas in Korea.

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